The first step if you are thinking you would like to become an actor is to start taking drama classes. 

No matter what many people might tell you, there is a lot more to acting than getting up and performing.

At drama class, you can learn how to

  • Improve your voice and control your body
  • Move around on stage and take direction from a director
  • Perform in front of a camera
  • Read and analyse a play or a script
  • Create characters, understand them, and perform them realistically
  • Communicate well with everyone on and off stage
  • Cope in front of an audience if something unexpected happens
  • Learn and remember lines
  • Be confident and ready to audition
  • Listen and be more observant
  • Work as part of a team
  • Understand everyone's job in a theatre or in a film production

drama kidsYou will discover lots of tips and different ideas to make your performance the best it can be.

You may even learn about the history of drama and study some plays by famous playwrights.

Plus you will be able to practise your acting and get some feedback from your teacher and other students.

As you get more experienced, you can also learn how to get acting jobs, how the industry works and how to behave professionally so you always make a good impression.

Learning acting never ends.  You can always improve.  Even famous actors still take lessons or get help from a drama coach when they are working. 

Drama class will make you look at yourself, other people, and the world differently.  It really will change your life.