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  Games to help you improve your skills


Charades Ideas

Danger Discovery

Emotion Switch

Everyone Who

Fortunately Unfortunately Game

Go Stop Clap Jump

Name Ball

Partner Portraits


  Have fun, get creative and learn with these fun drama activities.

Make Your Own Mask

Be a Foley Artist - Make Your Own Sound Effects

How To Make Hand Shadow Puppets

Learn How To Mime

Face Painting With Crayons

Make Your Own Fake Blood - Washable & Non Toxic

Drama Talk

  Understand terms and expressions used in drama

Drama Tips & Talk - New? Start Here

Know Your Way Around the Theatre

Positions on Stage

Shooting a Film - Who Does What?

Movie Magic! Who Works Behind the Scenes?

Enter the Fascinating World of Stop Motion Animation

Take a Virtual Tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

What is Slapstick Comedy?

Your Voice

  Learn how to use and improve this valuable tool

Your Voice - New? Start Here

       How the Voice Works

       How Training Your Voice Makes You a Better Actor

       Ten Easy Exercises To Improve Your Voice

       Tricky Tongue Twisters

Buzzing Fly - A Vocal Warm Up

Showbiz & Acting Tips

  Want to be an actor?  All about the acting industry

Would You Like to Be an Actor?

What Do You Learn in Drama Class?

Acting Advice From Famous Actors

           Robert De Niro Philip Seymour Hoffman
           Meryl Streep Harrison Ford

An Acting Lesson: Watch Anthony Hopkins in Westworld