Acting Advice From Famous Actors

One of the best ways to learn about show business is to listen to the people who have worked successfully in the entertainment industry.

Here you'll find acting tips from famous, successful actors.

Click on the pictures to find out about how these actors got into acting, and more of their interesting and useful advice.

Philip Seymour Hoffman  

Philip Seymour Hoffman
"Act wherever you can,
and always act as well
as you can."

Robert De Niro
"You don't have to do
anything.  Nothing."

Meryl Streep
"Listening is everything,
and it's where you
learn everything."


 Harrison Ford
"Never be caught with the
idea that you can imitate
someone else's success."

Bryan Cranston 
"You act. There it is
and walk away, and
there's power in that."