Masks are very fun and can be easy to make.  They have been used in theatre for thousands of years.

The face is the most expressive part of the human body, so by changing your face, you can quickly create almost any character you can possibly imagine.

Here are some different types of masks that you can make at home.  You can experiment with making and exploring characters, and use your masks in your own plays and films. You could also make your own mask for a costume party or Halloween. 

How to Make a Papier Mâché Mask

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Papier mâché is the art of creating sculptures using bits of paper and paste. 

Basically, to make a mask, you use something like a balloon as a mould, and then stick pieces of paper onto it.  When it all dries, you will have a solid mask to decorate however you want.


You can make all sorts of fabulous masks using this technique.  Let your imagination go wild and see what kind of cool ideas you can bring to life.

For detailed instructions on how to create papier mâché masks, please click here. (Opens in a new window)


papier mache mask kit

Sometimes it isn't practical to make your own papier mâché.  Don't worry!  Craft stores often stock special kits containing ready made masks, plus all the bits and pieces you need decorate them.  These are especially convenient for mask making parties, when you just don't have time to wait for the papier mâché to set.

Kit shown: Papier Mâché Masks Activities Box (12 masks plus craft supplies) from

Paper Plate Masks

You can make a simple but beautiful or dramatic mask from a paper plate.  It can be either a full face mask, or a half mask that only covers your eyes.

Once you have cut out the basic shape, decorating your mask is only limited by your imagination!

Click here to see detailed instructions on how you can create a paper plate mask. (Opens in a new window)

Bigger kids note:  The instructions are aimed towards little kids, but you can easily use this same technique to produce more advanced and complex masks.

Free Printable Mask Templates

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For a quick mask, there are templates online for masks and glasses that you can print, colour and cut out.  The masks that you can see in the picture are animals, but you can also find other types of characters.

Find some cool printable mask templates by clicking here ...

... and click here for a range of different printable masks.


If your printed masks feel floppy and flimsy, you can make them stronger by backing them with cardboard.  Just glue the printed mask onto cardboard before you cut it out.

Remember, you can be as creative as you like!  Once you understand the basic shape of a mask, you can create your own, and decorate it however, and with whatever, you like. 

Decoration Ideas

You can use pretty much anything you might find in a craft box to decorate your masks.

Some ideas might be:

- Paint
- Feathers
- Fabric
- Rhinestones
- Sequins 

- Dry pasta pieces
- Small shells
- Stickers
- Glitter
- Beads

When you are not using your finished masks, they look great hanging on the wall!