chairs in a circle

Everyone Who is an energetic drama game that is perfect for a party or as a warm up.

It's a physical game, so it's important to respect the other players.  There are no winners ... it's just for fun.

This game has several versions.

Everyone Who - Basic (good for younger kids)

One player (or a teacher or other adult) is the Caller.

All the other players sit in a circle.

The Caller yells out something like, "Everyone who has curly hair," or "Everyone who is wearing green", or "Everyone who likes carrots".

All players described by the Caller must jump up, and each of them must swap places with another player who matches the description. 

If there is only one, that player jumps up and yells, "That's me", then sits down again.

The Caller then yells out another "Everyone who ...", and this continues until the game is over.

Everyone Who - Chair Game

This is played a bit like the old game 'musical chairs'.

Chairs are set in a circle.  There should be one less chair than people

Everyone sits down, except the person who is left standing, who stands in the middle of the circle, and becomes the Caller.

This time when the Caller yells out an "Everyone who ...", those players who fit the description must find a new chair as quickly as possible.  The Caller must also try and find a chair.

The person who is left standing then becomes the new Caller.

During the game, no-one is allowed to sit in the same chair he or she was just occupying.  Also, no-one is allowed to push anyone to get to a chair or push anyone out of a chair, or to steal it out from under anyone.

Everyone Who - True Facts

The True Facts version is played exactly like the Chair Game above, except that the Caller must use an "Everyone who ..." which is true for him or her. 

This version is great as a "getting to know you" exercise, and the facts that the Callers reveal can later be used to test the players' observation skills, which creates a whole new game!