fortunately unfortunately

Fortunately Unfortunately is a drama game you can play pretty much anywhere and anytime.  You can play with just two people, or with more.

The game is all about telling a story.

The first person starts the story with a statement.  This can be absolutely anything.  Here are some possible examples:

"Yesterday I went to the zoo ..."

"Mr Smoggles sat down on the park bench ..."

"The dog barked loudly and wagged his tail ..."

The next person continues the story by starting with the word "unfortunately", and gives one sentence describing something bad happening.

The next person then continues by starting with the word "fortunately", and gives one sentence describing something good happening.

It can continue as long as you like.  Each person says one sentence, and when everyone has had a turn, go back to the first person and keep going.  If the story gets boring, start a new story.

For example, using one of the sentences above, the story might go something like this ...

Person 1:  Mr Smoggles sat down on the park bench.

Person 2:  Unfortunately a bird landed on his head and stole his hat.

Person 3:  Fortunately the bird dropped the hat only a short distance from Mr Smoggles.

Person 4:  Unfortunately the hat landed in the middle of a pond.

Person 5:  Fortunately it fell onto a swan, who swam with it back to the edge of the pond ...

... and so on.