One of the most fun ways to become another person, or something completely different - like a monster or an animal or an alien - is to paint your face.

The easiest (and the least messy and most affordable) method is to use special face painting crayons. 

You decide on your design, and just start drawing directly onto your face - or onto someone else's face. 

You can experiment will all kinds of designs and characters, and have a great time acting them out.  This is known in drama as "role playing", when you pretend to become someone or something else.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to use face painting crayons:

Here are some simple designs for you to try:

face paint crayon designs

You can also adapt many traditional face painting designs for use with crayons. 

Why not see if you can become a pirate, or a tiger, or a zebra, or one of your favourite cartoon characters?

Face painting crayons are also loads of fun at parties.

Let your imagination go wild!


For Parents: We highly recommend you buy non-toxic face painting crayons so you can be sure that the paint is completely safe.