MimeMime is the art of acting without words.  Mime artists use body movement to act out things, places and scenes.

People have been performing mime for thousands of years, and some people work professionally at being mime artists.

You might have seen a mime artist on stage or working as a street performer.

Anyone can mime, but to be good at it takes practice. 

Here are some wonderful mime lessons for beginners from a Mime Artist named Teri Lynne.

She can teach you how to mime a wall, how to mime driving a car, how to mime climbing a wall or a ladder, and much more.

If you click on 'playlist' on the left hand side on the top of the video, it will show you a list of all Teri's mime lessons.

How To Be a Mime

You can use mime in any performance, especially if you don't have props and you need to make your audience imagine them.

Have fun showing off your new skills to your friends and family!