The Buzzing Fly is a wonderful, simple warm up for your voice. 

It's a great one to learn so you can do it before you sing, before you act, or whenever you need to clearly vocalise. 

It will help you relax and explore your range, the different parts of you voice and the different areas where these sounds are made.

Plus it's heaps of fun to do!

Watch and play along.

Buzzing Fly Instructions

  1. Imagine a little fly between your thumb and finger.  Move it up and down, and buzz your voice up and down with it.

  2. "Splat" the fly by clapping your hands together, while you loudly and clearly say, "SPLAT!".

  3. Cup the fly in both hands and shake them while making the shaking sound.

  4. Open your hands.  Where is the fly?  Make the curious sound.

  5. Catch the fly again with your fingers. Put it in your mouth and swallow with a big gulp sound.

  6. Show you're satisfied with a relaxed, open mouthed, "Ahhhhhh".

  7. Realise you've just swallowed a fly, so say, "YUCK!"