If you ever need a game to help a group of people learn each other's names ... this is easy and fun. 

You will need a ball which can be thrown and caught.

To start, everyone stands in a circle. 

Stage 1:  Pass the ball around the circle.  Each person who has the ball should say his or her name.  Once the ball has gone completely around the circle, change direction and send the ball all the way back around the circle. 

Now everyone has heard everyone else's name twice.

Stage 2:  Start throwing the ball to someone across the circle.  It should be thrown so it is easy to catch.   Each person should say his or her own name, and then say the name of the person to whom he or she is throwing the ball.  If anyone forgets the person's name, it's okay to ask.

It will go something like this ...

John has the ball.

John:  John ... Eunice (John throws the ball to Eunice)

Eunice:  (Catches the ball)  Eunice ... Sarah (Eunice throws the ball to Sarah)

... and so on.

Stage 3:  Now members of the group ONLY say the name of the person to whom they are throwing the ball.   It is still okay to ask for a name if anyone forgets.

Stage 4:  The group can no longer ask for names.  If a mistake is made, such as hesitating, forgetting a name, getting it wrong, throwing badly or missing the ball, that person must go down on one knee.  The second mistake means they put one arm behind their back.  The third mistake means they must close one eye.  The fourth mistake, and they are out, and move out of the circle.  (You might need to nominate a referee for the final stage to avoid arguments!)

The last people left in the circle are the winners, but really everyone wins because, after playing this game, you will all know each other's names.