Charades is a fantastic drama game that you can play with just about anyone. 

Click here to learn how to play charades.

If you already know the game, here are some tips for you and some ideas to try.

 Charades can be played in teams.  The players in the active team take turns to act out their words or phrases for the other team.  A point is scored for each correct answer.  Each team has a time limit for performing, and the team with the most points at the end wins.

 You could ask a parent or your teacher to write some phrases on slips of paper.  Put these in a container and have each player pick one at random when it is his or her turn.   That way the word or phrase is a secret right up to when you start playing.  It's more challenging that way!

 If you're stuck for ideas, try out a free app called "Charades!". It's a bit like charades in reverse, and is very entertaining.  Your phone will pick a word for you, and your friends have to act it out until you guess it.  It saves anyone having to think up words and phrases, and there is a great version especially for kids.

Click here to download Charades! Kids for iPhone & iPad.

Click here to download Charades! Kids for Android.

Otherwise, search for Charades! in your device's app store.

(Note to parents: this app offers in-app purchases.)

 There are some good Charades games that you can buy. 

Kids on Stage game

These games are based around the idea of charades, sometimes with a twist to make them original.  They usually contain a whole lot of cards with either words or pictures for you to act out.  The best thing about a bought game is that it saves you from having to think of something on the spot.

Check out your local toy store or online (search for charade games).

Charades is one of the best games to play at home with your family, because it's entertaining no matter what age you are.

Have fun!

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