emotional man

Just by changing your emotions, you can change the whole meaning of words. 

Emotion Switch is a game which helps you find new ways to make scripted words more interesting.  It's also very entertaining to play with friends!

Start with two or three people who will perform.  Everyone else is the audience.

The performers or the group should come up with a few short lines of script.

Here are some examples, but you can use your imagination to make up your own ...


Person 1:  What a great game of soccer!

Person 2:  You scored a goal for the other side.


Person 1:  I can't believe you cheated on that test.

Person 2:  I didn't cheat, I just knew the answers.

Person 1:  That's not what the teacher thinks.


Person 1:  I bought a new phone.

Person 2:  You only bought your last one a couple of months ago.

Person 3:  Can I have your old one?

The performers should first act out the scripts exactly the way they think the words are written.

Once they have performed once, the members of the audience can then pick an emotion.

The performers then act the script again, but this time they must have the emotion that the audience chose.

Some starting ideas for emotions could be:

- excited
- miserable
- suspicious
- furious
- sarcastic

Once the performers have repeated the scene a few times with different emotions, they should sit down, and two or three other members of the audience become the performers with a new script.

Everyone should eventually have a turn performing.

When you first read a play, it seems obvious how the lines should be said.  In real life, though, what we say and what we really mean are often different.  Thinking about the different ways you can perform (or "deliver") your lines will make you a much more interesting actor.