Sir Anthony HopkinsWestworld is a science fiction television show for adults about a mysterious theme park staffed by androids.  One of its stars is Sir Anthony Hopkins, whose talent and experience has put him on the list of the world's greatest actors of all time.

Children may not recognise his face, but might remember his voice as the narrator of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

We can learn an enormous amount about acting by watching masters like Anthony Hopkins work.

The fascinating video below takes a very short scene from Westworld, and analyses exactly how Anthony Hopkins is acting.  You can see by watching him that you don't need big actions or expressions to tell the story, especially on film. 

He gives a brilliant, mesmerising performance just by subtle changes to his emotions and reactions. 

It's also well worth paying attention to how he acts in a seven second pause in the script.  The words help tell the story, but the actor brings the words, and the character, to life.