Here are more people who you will find working behind the scenes during a film shoot.

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film shoot

Continuity Person

A continuity person supervises the script to make sure that all parts of the script get filmed.  He or she also makes sure that everything looks the same from scene to scene, such as items on the set, hair styles, costumes, positions of actors and so on.  The aim is to make sure that nothing changes between scenes that could ruin the illusion that the film is one continuous story. 

Assistant Location Manager

The location manager works from an office, and is in charge of making sure that the right locations are available and ready for filming.

An assistant location manager helps the location manager, and oversees finding technical workers for locations.  He or she works on location to make sure that the technical staff all have what they need.

Location Assistant

The location assistant makes sure that the location is looked after during filming, helps if the public have any problems with the filming, and makes sure afterwards that the location is left in the same condition as before the filming started.


All the electricity needed on set and on location is organised and looked after by electricians.

Art Department & Set Workers

The art department for a big movie is huge, but most of the people who work in it do not come onto the set during filming. 

A standby art director may be employed to watch over the art department's set work on location.  

A team of set dressers decorate the set, but leaves before filming starts.  One on set dresser will usually be on location during filming to look after the set decorations for last minute changes.  Standby carpenters and standby painters are available in case the set needs to be repaired or changed at the last minute.


Property, or props, means anything the actors use in a film which are not part of the set and are not part of a costume.  The property master finds all the props needed in a film.  He or she, or an assistant, are on location during filming to manage the props.


The costumes are designed and made well before shooting the scene starts.  During shooting, a costume standby looks after the costumes and helps actors to dress.  One or more cutters can be on set to tailor costumes just before filming.

Hair and Make-Up Stylists

While the hair and make up design for the actors is done before shooting, final styling is completed on the day, and a make-up artist and hair stylist will remain available during the shoot to make sure all performers look right.

Special Effects & Stunts

If the movie needs special effects to be created during the filming process, they will be carried out a team of special effects assistants headed by the special effects supervisor.  Special effects (SFX) can include explosions, crashes and even weather, like wind, rain or snow.

If stunts are needed, a stunt co-ordinator will organise them.  If the actors are unable to perform the stunts themselves, the stunt co-ordinator will cast stuntmen and stuntwomen to carry them out.