shark cartoonDanger Discovery is an interesting game to play with a group of people who are meeting in a new place for the first time.

It could be a first drama class at school or drama school, at camp, or in someone's home.

This game helps you to become aware of the space around you, to practise your observation skills, and to be safe.

Everybody should start by walking around the room, hall or space you are using.   Each player should look around and see if he or she can notice anything that might not be safe, or might even be dangerous.   Once everyone has discovered a few things, each should choose one and go and stand beside it.  Everyone should take turns in telling the group what his or her particular danger discovery is, and why it could be dangerous.

Once everyone has had a turn, you can all sit down together and talk about the danger discoveries together.  Some ideas for questions you could ask are:

- Does everyone agree that the items are dangerous?

- Did anyone notice the risk before the exercise?

- Is it important to be aware of unsafe areas and items?

- What could be done to avoid the danger discoveries, or to make them safe?

- Who is responsible for safety?

If you are in a large outdoor area, it's a good idea to take notebooks and pencils, and work in pairs.  Everyone should take notes and bring them back to an agreed meeting place to all discuss.