There are lots of special words and phrases used in acting and drama, and in theatre and movie making. It's great to know and understand them.

You will impress everyone with your amazing knowledge. You'll also be able to understand directions and explain your ideas properly to other drama people.

Here are some of the interesting facts you'll find inside this Drama Talk section of

The Theatre

Do you know your way around a theatre? You can take a tour of the theatre by clicking here, or you could learn the positions on stage by clicking here.

If you'd like to tour an historical theatre, why not download the amazing Shakepeare's Globe 360 app from here?

Making Movies

When you watch a movie at the cinema, do you know how much work has gone into creating it? Find out who works on a film shoot by clicking here, and who else makes the magic happen in behind the scenes movie jobs by clicking here.

If you love movies, why not make your own?  Enter the Fascinating World of Stop Motion Animation here.